Here at Women Who Paddle we believe in two things:

First, that being outside and in nature (especially on the water) is good for the body, mind, and soul

– and-

Second, that the world needs more spaces that unite, encourage, and empower women

Our mission, at its core, it to connect women with the outdoors and each other through human-powered water sports.

Too often we get caught up in self-doubt and unhealthy comparisons. We may feel we aren’t fit enough, skilled enough, or experienced enough. We may be at different life stages or going through any number of personal struggles. Yet, whatever challenges we face, we know how restorative and invigorating it can be to put paddle to water. Each of us has had unique experiences. Maybe paddling has helped you get through a difficult time. Maybe it has been a source of adrenaline and excitement. Maybe it’s how you choose to plug into the natural world. Whatever your reason for being here, welcome!

Women Who Paddle is first and foremost a community. A place where women can come to connect, to learn, and to share. Our common denominator is a love of being out on the water, regardless of skill level or background. If you would like to join us, be sure to follow along on the blog, like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, join our Women Who Paddle Facebook Group, and sign up for our monthly newsletter.


About the Founder

Laura is an all-around lover of the outdoors with a particular affinity for being in, on, and around water. After seeing the power of a women-focused community during her ambassadorship with Hike Like A Woman, she decided to create a space where like-minded women from all walks of life could bond over their shared love of paddling.

A fan of all human-powered watercraft (yet, master of none), Laura gets most of her paddling fix via kayaking at her cabin in northern Manitoba, Canada. She has also kayaked in Honduras, SUPed in Belize, canoed on Saskatchewan lakes, and whitewater rafted in beautiful British Columbia.

Laura writes about her travels, outdoor experiences, and her goofy Great Dane at An Ordinary Existence.